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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jobless - The Final Solution

Brilliant news! That kind Mr. Duncan Smith has promised all jobless people a job. That's fantastic. Does it mean reopening coal mines, taking on more staff in Hospitals, the long awaited railway building programme, green energy projects? Or have I misunderstood what the goverment intends when it says that the long term unemployed should "experience of the habits and routines of working life"?
Paul thinksthat it's a result of shutting down the country.
Let me get this right.... The government cuts lots of jobs to save money, they then employ all the jobless people to do the jobs that are now vacant. So those people who had jobs before are now jobless so the governemt cuts lots more jobs in order for there to be jobs for the new jobless. Eventually the whole country is on a massive jobshare scheme in which we all work for, say, a fortnight before moving on. Damn. It might just work.

Elinor thinks there might be a more sinister follow up.

I say "that's OK as long as he is the first one to try it."