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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Death of the Hurdy Gurdy Boy

My new novel, The death of the Hurdy Gurdy Boy is now available on Kindle from Amazon. Click on this title for the link. Here is the opening paragraph

It wasn’t a good night to die. If I’d had a choice it would have been a quiet night in summer. Warm and still. All the stars shining above. Strolling home with a few pals having a laugh and a joke after a good meal of steak and onions. Then sort of lying down on a big feather bed and drifting off gently with the sound of music and merriment coming out of one of the pubs. Then I’d dream of kind faces and stuff out of the past. So I wouldn’t know anything about dying at all. Not huddling in a lousy shop doorway with the wind whipping my fingers and ears so that I could hardly bear the pain of the cold any more. My teeth long since given up chattering. They didn't have the strength. And this frock coat with the silk lapels was only thin. Very smart but it didn't give no protection. I banged my hands together to get some warmth going and looked up at the candlestick in the window with all the candles blazing looking warm and welcoming. But not for me. All I could feel was the pain of the cold in my ears and cheeks until suddenly, there was a sort of explosion in my head. A different sort of pain. A shower of golden stars behind my eyes and I was pitched forward out of existence.