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Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the rest, as they say,.....

I love those random events and decisions that pepper our lives. Those unintended and unexpected consequences of decisions that are made on the spur of the moment  or as a result of sudden twists of circumstance.  Here are three of my favourites from the recording studio 1) Raphael Ravenscroft  booked to play a tiny part on the Gerry Rafferty “Baker Street” session tries out the guitar part on the out of tune saxophone that he fetches from the car.  2) Session musicians are paid by the number of instruments they play so Herbie Flowers needing to get an extra few quid doubles his electric bass with string bass on Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” 3) Al Kooper realises his guitar playing is not as good as Mike Bloomfield , so slips unnoticed into the studio to play the hammond organ but, as he is not a natural organ player, he follows the rest of the musicians a semiquaver behind  in an effort to keep up with the chords the others were playing.  They are recording “Like a Rolling Stone” with Bob Dylan
Listen to these tracks again and marvel at the power of serendipity

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