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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creative Dorset

I met Dominic Tambling and family in the tea tent of the Langton Village Fair on Saturday.  Congratulations on the birth of Baby Rudy but sad, sad news that Creative Dorset  is to cease operations and Dominic is out of work. 

The sad thing is that, despite its very limited budget, Creative Dorset actually undertook to support creative practitioners where and when it could. Twice I rang up Dominic and asked for some funds to suport some training I wanted to undertake and twice he gave me the go ahead over the phone.  This is the correct way to support the arts not to create the humiliating obstacle courses that most funding organisations have in place.
I commend the work of Creative Dorset and of Dominic.  If you know a way to use his exceptional talents then find him on LinkdIn

This is the statement from the Creative Dorset website:

In view of the changed economic climate and recent disappointing outcomes to funding applications, Dominic Tambling is leaving Creative Dorset and the company is temporarily suspending operations.
The Board will take the opportunity to review Creative Dorset’s work and position in the context of the proposed Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, and the new Creative England initiative.  If you would like some general business support please contact Business Link
For more specific creative industry support you could try: 
Creative England
Arts Matrix 
Reshaping Tool Kit 

And if you have an idea or question about arts and culture more generally you might want to contact:
Dorset County Council
Bournemouth Borough Council http://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/LeisureCultureLibraries/Culture/Arts.aspx
Poole Borough Council http://boroughofpoole.com/directory/themes/learning/ref:T45F196DC4D392/
Creative Dorset
Mike Hoskin, Chair

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Laura Cousins said...

That's most depressing :-(