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Saturday, April 14, 2012


We were all just a little sad to see that the World war ll lookout at the end of Peveril Point in Swanage was to be demolished. It has gradually been undermined in the sea and has been cordoned off for some time.  A few years ago I wrote a sonnet about this and the remains of some of Swanage's World War heritage.


The fag ends of a half-forgotten past
A Gun emplacement, lonely look out post
Some dragons teeth and stubs of radar mast.
Some still regarded: forgotten most.

Some random junk which gives us pause for thought
And tumbled slabs Inset with iron bars
Haphazard chunks where young men would have fought
And Concrete steps from nowhere to the stars

But now the surface weathered, worn, serene
Domesticated,never saw the loss
Polished where we’ve sat and viewed the scene
Filmed with age and softly green with moss

A place for careless kids to smoke and lark
Or shyly grope each other after dark

(Photograph by the inimitable Simon Wells of Swanage)

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