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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Song for a Child

I originally wrote this for a child who was in hospital for an ear operation.  It was then set to music by my old friend Roderick Skeaping as part of a suite for a children's choir.  It had it's premier at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank in London.

I forgot about it for some years but retrieved it for a poetry reading in Bournemouth this Spring.

There is no sound.
There is no sound
Like the vibration of the ether.
The piercing sound of crystal spheres
Is silence;
The farewell tears
Of stars that glitter:
Planets skitter
In their orbits like fireflies
At evening:
There is no sound

There is no sound
Like old fools praying:
"Remove our fears"
Is what they're saying.
No sound of prayers
Can reach the stars.
There is no stairs
For angels  passing
And the old men's eyes are filled with with tears:
“There is no sound!”

There is no sound;
But the still small voice,
Too small to still the fears of fools
But carried on the ether,
Reaches to the child who hears
The Sound.
There is the sound.

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