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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Death of the Hurdy Gurdy Boy - Some reviews

'The Death of the Hurdy Gurdy Boy' started out as a story for my teenage daughter.  Cross over fiction is now very popular with a general readership picking up novels originally aimed at a younger readership.  Think Harry Potter and Hunger Games.  Nothing wrong with that, young people have been enjoying adult novels since the days of Jane Austen, why not share in the other direction?  J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins are well aware of the potential. My writing for theatre has always been predicated on the idea that anyone can access a good story and get something out of it and what holds good for drama must hold for other art forms.  And that doesn't mean that the writer needs to back pedal on the issues. Younger people respond well to be treated as adults and having their intelligence challenged.  So the good writer neither talks down to a younger audience nor dilutes what they are saying and the language they use to say it. 'The Death of the Hurdy Gurdy Boy' and its companion novels  deal with the ideas of homelessness, death and loss of family, poverty but it also has the positives of perseverance, companionship and love. And because it's me writing them, they are also funny and whimsical with a rich language and, I hope, a banging good read..

 Here are a couple of the reviews that are coming in from Amazon.
Well written story with an insight to a boys life in the past and his new found friend of the future. Good conclusion and would recommend it to my friends.

An anytime book which will leave you wanting to read more.. Actually it’s a good holiday read for a sunny day under a brolly with a jug of crushed ice. I enjoyed it. Easy Kindle bought and easy to read. 

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