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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A lesson From History

It is always worth reminding  governments when their policies have become too egregious that the Middling Sort in Britain have, from time through history, said "Enough's enough"

Very soon the middling sort
Will rise against your arrogance
As we have done before:
Your fifth form economics,
Your bike-shed sniggering at the poor,
Your gradgrind education,
Founded on some mystic lore.
You believe your own ill-found
Stupidities. And now there’s more; 
You want to break the very things
We’ve worked a life-time for.
Poke the British lion and you
Will hear a muted British roar,
But be careful if you rouse the beast
Better scramble for the door
Be thankful we don’t bite off the heads
Of traitors any more.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!