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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Field of Fantasy - Some of the words

It seems like only yesterday
We wandered in the field of fantasy. 
Crushed beneath our happy feet
The meadow grass that smelled so sweet
Of happy anticipation
And all those pretty meadow flowers
That gave us all those perfect hours
  When every day was filled with charm and fascination
But everything decays these days
And, falling earthwards in a daze, 
We see our lives as through a haze,
Crawling with the worms of putrefaction
See over there, those tattered tents
The circus of half baked intents
Containing the deranged laments
Of doubt and hesitation
The limping lions of lunacy
Have not divined that they are free
Cowed by the withering whips of literality
Wielded by the clowns of desensitisation

Where did it
Where did it all go
Where did it all go

See the whole show on 27th September at 7.30 at The Winchester, 39 Poole Hill Bournemouth BH2 5PW

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