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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Field of Fantasy

 27th September at The Winchester, Bournemouth. 7.30 contact me for tickets
“Life, Love, the Universe – where did it all go wrong?”
A twisting convolution of words and music as Peter John Cooper tries to get to grips with a world that is increasingly beyond his comprehension.  Here are poems, stories, songs in a stream of unconsciousness ranging from nuclear physics to cricket and from maths to motorbikes stopping off at heartbreak and melancholy and arriving, finally at love and understanding.
Peter uses his voice and the microphone as instruments of expression which are beyond mere speech as he explores the ever-changing world of ideas.  The words are sometimes funny, sometimes sad,always dramatic
The music, by Matt Wilkinson, underscores the whole performance and ranges from jazz, blues, electronica.  Sometimes he accompanies songs simply on the guitar, at other times he is in charge of electronic loops and effects which all add to the madness.

“A brilliant poet delivering his poems with tremendous energy”
“Manic and Majestic”

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